Delta Airlines Inflight Advertising

Delta Airlines Inflight Advertising

Delta Airlines serves more than 14 million passengers every month, flying them to 57 countries on six different continents. As the #1 airline in the country, Delta serves higher income travelers with college degrees who are headed around the world. 2016 saw Delta featured in Fortune’s Top 50 Most Admired Companies and has been named the most admired airline five times in six years. The respected airline is based out of Atlanta, with over 800 aircraft.

Delta is part of the joint venture with Alitalia and Air France-KLM, as well as working with Virgin Atlantic. The company helped found the SkyTeam global alliance and has hubs out of Amsterdam, Detroit, Boston, Salt Lake City, Tokyo-Narita and Seattle, among others. Brands that participate in Delta Airlines advertising will be working with the #1 airline in Japan, along with the top airline to France, Russia

Delta Sky Magazine Advertising

Delta Sky Inflight Magazine Advertiisng
  • Magazine: Delta Sky
  • Readership per month: 5,400,000
  • Issues per year: 12 and the Netherlands, and between the U.S. and Africa.
  • Audience: First, Business, and Economy

Delta Sky, the inflight magazine for Delta Airlines, boasts more than 5 million readers per month. The passengers reading the magazine are affluent, ambitious and loyal, with a split between business and vacation travelers, but most of them are also decision makers. The magazine provides entertainment while passengers are in transit, offering topics like travel destinations, fashion, shopping and celebrities, providing the ideal world for brands that want inflight advertising opportunities.